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Thank you for finding my blog. I’ve noticed in the statistics that many of you look at this page. I assume you are looking for something different than:

This blog exists for me to be able to be wrong in public and learn from that.

Which is what this page used to say. While that is still true, I don’t want to constrain myself to writing about subjects I know really well. My blogging is about me learning things and if my findings or mistakes are of interest to others than myself then I’m delighted. I’d love to hear your comments about what I post about, I find feedback extremely valuable.

Anyway, I assume that someone that clicks on the link “Joakim Ohlrogge” for some reason I did not think about when I wrote the first text for this page, wants to know a little bit of the person behind the posts.

I am one of four co-founders of Agical AB a company specializing in software development and focus on Agile methods. As it says on our homepage “we are not fanatic about it, we just want to help our customers deliver great software”

Since Agical is a small company everyone working there help shape what Agical is about. Some of the others also blog. That said, this blog is not the official view of Agical, it’s my personal opinions and reflections and while the people at my company inspire a lot of my insights, there is more to me than Agical and there is more to Agical than me (of course).

So who am I?

If you read a few of my posts it should come as no surprise that I love software development. Relatively recently in my working career that started in the mid 90:es my interest for people has started to compete with my passion for technology. I can’t imagine ever giving up programming, I don’t have a wish to only do management or coaching but I enjoy the latter a lot.

Sometimes I speak at geeknights and other events. If you want to meet me and talk about some topic we seem to have a shared interest in that is a good place to start. Or you can chose to bump into me on some conference. I tend to visit the XP-conferences and I expect that I will continue to go to the Agile conferences. It’s of course also possible that I might be available for a programming/coaching-assignment If you think I might have what it takes :)

Privately I live with my lovely wife Jelena, my greatest source of inspiration and the smartest person I know. We share our home with four cats, Maven, Leroy, Josephine and Angel. Our space is further confined by Orchids (mine) and African Violets (Jelenas).

We live in Stockholm, Sweden and I think I stop myself right there before I say something silly like “I talk too much”

/Joakim Ohlrogge


Written by johlrogge

January 22, 2007 at 8:36 pm

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