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Bad farming and recession

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Ok bad times are coming they say, recession is on it’s way. Well that’s the laws of economics, not much we can do about them. Or is it? Before I continue I want to be clear about that most of the fields I touch on here are generally not fields I posses any special expertise in (not that it shouldn’t be totally clear to those of you who do but…). I used to think of economic recession as mass-psychosis: media starts writing about bad times ahead, stupid people like me write blogs and talk over lunch about whether it will or will not happen. As a consequence of that people become wary and start buying less and less “you never know”, “the experts say…”. There you go, self-fulfilling prophecy.

I still believe that there is truth in that but I would not mind being corrected by anyone who actually knows. From what I understand the cause for recession is a bit of a mystery even for the pros :) Anyway, as a software guy in the consultant business I found myself in the center of the last recession and now that the word is out I started pondering what we as a business may be doing to cause them.

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Written by johlrogge

September 5, 2008 at 7:50 pm